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All About sgsilver

Selene believes in two true things: love and the power of stories. Everything else is up for debate.

A lifelong reader, with both a BA and MA in creative writing, Selene considers language and writing to be her true passion. After years of study, and teaching others the art of writing, she's finally carved out the time and dedication to take her writing practice to the publishing stage.

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sgsilver's Fun Facts

During the last two decades, have taught (or attempted to teach) 3000+ teenagers to appreciate literature and write well. High school to university.

Master snowfort builder and winter survivalist, following tortured childhood of being sent outside in subsubzero temps to burn off energy. We're talking frozen skin in seconds.

Can cook everything from Southern grits, sausage gravy and biscuits to Indian Tikka Masala and naan bread. Food is primary in our home. Bake a yummy fruit pie (must make homemade crust) and melt-in-the-mouth Scandinavian butter cookies at the holidays, too.

Frequently eat hot peppers for the pain/pleasure experience.

Travel abroad annually. 

Follow and listen to wide range of new music, partial to alt-rock though; check out my changing favorites list on my website. Recently, flew 11,000 miles round trip to a single concert because it was on the husband's bucket list.

Managed to win the heart of a real life Scotsman; been married to him for more than a decade. Yes, I'm blessed.

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