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All About Caroline Cozens

San Francisco Native living in Florida.
Graduated from San Jose State - Go Spartans.
Kappa Delta,
Served Proudly in the United States Navy
Married to a Merchant Marine I brought home from Desert Shield/Storm - He was a keeper and still is!
Two Kids, One Grown one nearly grown empty nest in my horizon
Member of RWA, FCRW, YARWA and FTHRWA in addition to FFP.

My first love is SCI FI/ Fantasy - I loved the works of ANNE MC CAFFREY Dragon Riders of PERN/The Ship who Sang. I love how she made a renaissance world futuristic and her obvious love of coffee and sharp cheese so real in every book she wrote. Her strong female characters shaped my views as a teen.

I write a series (not yet published at this date) Farsighted:
Farsighted is a (dystopian) futuristic colonized world with romance and darkness. A colony world with no links to the planet of Origin. (Earth) Things have gone slightly off Kilter from the ideals set forth in the Charter. The crew and managing staff from the colonial ship were scheduled to merge with the colonists in a seamless transition of power to the colonists. A perfect Utopian society in harmony with nature...right because people in power will willingly relinquish it for the good of the citizens who might make mistakes and ruin a perfectly good dictatorship. My main characters are young teens - and like young teens - they are a little naive of their world and a lot self absorbed cares. So while my little teens have a sweet romance their future will encounter the darkness that awaits their coming of age.

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Caroline Cozens's Fun Facts

Fun Facts -

Spy Navy - Worked in Naval Intel for 12 years - Not tellin!

When I was a kid - I wanted to be a space cadet - long before that term morphed its meaning to being stupid.  I wanted to live in space and be part of a space colony of some sort.

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