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I joined RWA because I believe its important to be a part of a community of writers.

Right now I'm working as a freelance writer. I've written fiction and non-fiction as a ghostwriter. I've also written blog posts and articles. I got into freelance writing by accident. I was trying to find work as a freelance website and/or graphic designer. It turns out its easier to get work doing what I'd much rather be doing - writing. It's a strange world.

I spent 11 years in technical support. I've also managed parking for a commercial real estate company, taught MS Office to a centurian, manipulated and exchanged data between software programs, created stunning reports (if I do say so myself), worked as an office manager/executive assistant/computer guru for the owner of a small business, and data entered felony and misdemeanor criminal records.

Somehow - I always find a way to work from home.

I have a 24 year old son who is the best even when he's the worst.

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