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I’m a native Floridian who prefers moonbeams to sunlight, magick over science, and traipsing through enchanted forests in lieu of highways because unicorns and leprechauns are more compelling than concrete and tail lights. A night owl by nature, an early riser by protest, I was forced to surrender my vampire card when the Consortium of Necrophiles exposed my garlic obsession.

My life experiences include counseling dragons on the dangers of buzzing airport towers, moonlighting as a werewolf whisperer, and wrangling errant faeries. At home, I spar with the goblin who stalks the pantry, dish out mad love to Monster Puppy and Brave Little Basset, and snuggle with Professor X during American Idol and GRIMM.

Rocky road ice cream and Nickelback are the muses that fuel my soul. Oh, and M&M’s, Doritos and sweet tea. Scones with strawberries and clotted cream. Scottish Highlanders, space captains, knights with dented armor, and things that go bump in the night.

My hobbies include dripping candle wax on the counter-tops and stalking men in kilts. Champion of the underdog, friend of the forgotten, seer of the invisible, I believe imagination is the elixir of life. Slurp often, I do.

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