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My writing career began with the publication of the first two books in the Sea-anan Saga, A Lost Kitten and A Forgotten Kitten. The themes and story lines of my books are based on my real-life experience in an interracial marriage. I also incorporate experiences my triplets went through growing up, like being treated as outsiders by kids who weren’t minorities or multiracial, or, now that they’re older, being labeled or avoided. My books have a message about not judging others before you get to know them. Also, by making the differences between races more exaggerated, I emphasize how, when you look past the tiny factor of race, we all share the same basic needs, desires, and cultures.

The protagonists in books one and two of the Sea-anan Saga are children of an intergalactic marriage, so, just as in the original Star Wars Trilogy, the first book of the Oceanan Trilogy, A Seacat’s Love, goes back in time to tell the story of the parents who started it all.

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