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All About Rhenna Morgan

I am not the person who stands on the riverbank of life and watches it stream by. I'm the one zig-zagging between peaceful streams and white-water rapids. (Drives most of family bonkers.)

My resume backs that up: Former radio DJ, Administrative Assistant, Skip Tracer, Debt Collector (yuck--hated that job), Business Analyst, Project Manager, Promotions Manager, Sales and IT Manager. And then I started writing. All the other pit stops were just building blocks to get me where I am today--writing Paranormal and Contemporary Romance.

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Rhenna Morgan's Fun Facts

I'm a mix of flower child and drill sergeant.  (Kind of depends on which day, minute, second you catch me.)  Honor, honesty and discipline rank at the top of my importance scale.  That said, I probably won't dress, talk or act like someone who would typically tout those three important values.


I'm freakishly neat.  Clutter messes with my head.  Throw a wadded up piece of paper in the floor and tell me not to pick it up and you'll eventually witness a meltdown.  (Sad, I know.)


The biggest piece of who I am--I'm passionate about everything I do.  Anything not worth the passion isn't worth doing.

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