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All About Tami Lund

Tami Lund spent her younger years living in Mid-Michigan, before moving to northwest Louisiana as a teen, where she stayed, blissfully winter-free for eleven years.

She graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, which is not unlike a Liberal Arts degree - well-rounded but with no real focus.
When she was twenty-five, she met her own knight in shining armor, transplanting him from Michigan to live with her in Louisiana… which lasted just long enough for him to discover a bone-deep hatred of all things summer. Less than two years later, they packed up shop and relocated back to Michigan, causing Tami to discover a long-suppressed and much surprising love of winter. They have been in Michigan ever since, vacationing in various beautiful places
that eventually helped to create the backdrop for The Resort series.

Tami has been writing, well, forever, so it seems. In reality, she has
notebooks of “novels” she wrote while in junior high school and high school, but then she took a fairly long break from writing when she discovered partying, while attending college. That pastime carried her through until she was married, which naturally led to birthing a couple of babies, and it wasn’t until she was laid off from her “real” job in 2009 that she finally put pen to, er, fingers to keyboard again and let those bottled up creative juices flow.

Tami continues to write with every spare moment she has. She has self-published seven ebooks, all of which can be purchased through her website. In June, 2014, she released her first contemporary suspense novel with Crimson Romance, and in July, 2014, she releases a paranormal called Into the Light, through Liquid Silver Books.

Check back often to find out what she has planned next, and don’t forget to signup for the newsletter through her website so that you can be the first to know…whatever Tami decides to tell you.

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