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Ruby Shoes, Rabbit Holes and Other Plot Devices

by Shannon Donnelly  When I got the idea for the SF/Paranormal romance Edge Walkers, I knew my heroine had ended up in a bad place—a really bad place where things existed that ate the electricity out of the human body. Into this other world she would come across the hero of the story who’d also […]

Best Advice Ever by Shannon Donnelly

  Advice is one of those things that we all really need at times, but it’s not always welcome…or fun to get. It’s like that saying—the truth will set you free (but first it’s going to piss you off). That’s what good advice does. It hits home and stays like an arrow in your heart. […]

Mythology in a Modern Setting by Shannon Donnelly

Let’s start with what is a myth? The Greek word mythos gives us the word myth—and much of Western culture has been shaped by the Greek myths, which came to us after Europe reacquired ancient knowledge and decided that Greek and Latin were the learned languages. Every culture has its myths—creation myths and destruction myths, […]

More Conflict by Shannon Donnelly

Conflict—you can’t get too little of this in real life, and you can never have enough in fiction. A reader pays to see a character be put through the ringer—and that means you want to pile on the conflict. But there’s a danger to avoid. You want great conflict, not small arguments or even worse, […]


by Shannon Donnelly  I’m teaching my Show and Tell: An Interactive Workshop this November for FF&P, and it always seems to start with confusion over what’s showing and what’s telling. The confusion is understandable—both showing and telling the reader requires description. But there are some easy tips to help you understand these two techniques. TIPS […]

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