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Curious Characteristics of Paranormal Creatures

by Cassy Campbell Paranormal creatures are a staple of scifi and fantasy worlds.  How could a new world seem like a different place if there aren’t fantastic beasts?  But I wonder, then, why many new and unusual creatures in stories act like familiar and common household pets.  Have you ever noticed that any animal that […]

Blending History with the Paranormal

by Meredith Bond The blending of genres is never easy and rarely accepted with open arms and minds. Specifically, I’m talking about blending historical romance and fantasy or paranormals. There are incredible opportunities to blend these two genres—history is filled with witch trials, women with incredible powers (usually misunderstood healers), men who can turn water […]

Researching in Scotland by Madeline Martin

I love research of all kinds – guess it’s a good thing I’m a historical romance author, huh? When I wrote my first series, I learned Krav Maga so I could give merit to the fight scenes my heroine performed in Deception of a Highlander, and then I took up making balms and teas with […]

Putting Your Own Spin on a Legend

by Ruth Kaufman I’m a pantser, not a plotter, so the story develops as I go. When a scene came to mind of wounded man fleeing his enemies, I didn’t know who he was, why he was running or who was after him. Eventually he let me know he was a Knight of the Round […]

MARKETING FOR AUTHORS And yes, Facebook is your friend.

  by Mia London “Writing a book and not marketing it, is like winking at a guy in the dark. No one knows what you’re doing except you.” – Mia London Before you roll your eyes, hang in there. I’m confident there are at least one or two tips in this article that will make […]

It is Not Enough to Have a Story

by Beth Daniels     aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane, Nied Darnell   Before you actually decided to be a writer… Before you dreamed up your first story…or the ones after that… Before you opened a blank document on your computer… …did you have any idea that you’d need to do some school work? That’s what […]

Mystical Bad Guys by Jacqui Jacoby

Things that go bump in the night.  The kinda things that the heroine or hero wouldn’t do.  It’s the personality of that other character, the character that will teach your heroine and hero to find their better selves, to work together to defeat that villain and make Happily Ever After come true. But first… that villain. It’s […]

Villains We Love to Hate

©MM Pollard, October, 2016   If you want to create a villain your readers will love to hate, avoid the clichéd villain. Clichéd villain: If the villain is a woman (in any sub-genre) she’s the conniving other woman, she’s the evil mother-in-law, she’s the wicked/crazy twin sister of the heroine, she’s the wicked/crazy sister of […]

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