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Best Selling Science Fiction/Paranormal author and USA Today Happily Ever After "Sci-Fi Encounters" columnist Veronica Scott grew up in a house with a library full of books as its heart, and when she ran out of things to read, she started writing her own stories. Married young to her high school sweetheart then widowed, Veronica has two grown daughters, one grandson and cats Keanu and Jake.

Veronica’s life has taken many twists and turns, but she always makes time to keep reading and writing. Everything is good source material for the next novel or the one after that anyway, right? She’s been through earthquakes, tornadoes and near death experiences, although nothing is as stressful as meeting a book deadline. Always more stories to tell, new adventures to experience—Veronica’s personal motto is, “Never boring.”

Proud recipient of the NASA Exceptional Service Medal but must hasten to add the honor was not for her romantic fiction!

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A Portal Doesn’t always Have To Be A Door

By Veronica Scott I first discovered the idea of a portal to another world in Andre Norton’s Witch World. The hero, Simon Tregarth, is on the run and desperate when he’s offered a chance to try the Siege Perilous, which legend says is a vacant seat at the Round Table, kept by Merlin for the […]

Avoiding TOO STUPID TO LIVE Characters

by Veronica Scott There was an interesting discussion recently in one of the public Facebook  science fiction romance groups I frequent, about the first book in a new series where the heroine does some Too Stupid To Live stuff and there are other ‘convenient’ dumb moves on the part of those who are supposed to […]

Enhanced World Building Thru Mythology by Veronica Scott

One of the key challenges facing a writer in our Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal genres is worldbuilding. Possibilities include building your own from scratch, living in someone else’s if you’re writing fan fiction, using an altered version of our current reality, or basing your world on mythology from bygone civilizations. “A myth is far truer […]

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