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All About Carolyn J Coles

This year will be the first year that I can devote to full time writing. At lease I think so, until another computer consulting job comes around. But I'll still write anyway. I dream in color and transfer those dreams into stories. The hard part is getting all the details written down so others can see what I see. This year I'll be submitting each story. It's a promise I made myself with the coming of this brand new year. In case I haven't mentioned it - I'm not published yet.

I live in central New Jersey with my husband, son, the girl and two fishys. Only the fishes are no trouble ... the rest, well, you all have family and are aware of family drama...enough said. (It's a great source for my conflict in stories.)

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Carolyn J Coles's Fun Facts

I've bounced between jobs that were logical, such as banking to artistic, such as developing software for example or being involved in producing TV shows.

My favorite hobbies other than reading and writing stories (soon not to be a hobby) include: gem cutting, oil painting, crafting, playing electronic (and computer) games, developing software, and middle east dancing. Well, any dancing now. Did a hip-hop with my sister on a cruse ship.

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