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I spent most of my career life in the newspaper and communications business, but what I’d always wanted to do -- since before I could read, in fact! -- was make up my own stories. So now I’m engaged in an entirely new career writing paranormal fiction.

I'm published with Kensington and Montlake, with 6 PNR books out at present. Number 7 comes out in 2015. I read a lot of urban fantasy, and can see myself experimenting with UF, Sci-Fi and perhaps even Horror in the future!

In my personal life, I’m a transplanted Canadian, living in the US with my American hubby. Just returned to civilization from ten years on an Alaskan island! We’ve started a new adventure in a little rural town in eastern Washington in order to be closer to our grown kids. And garden .... I LOVE gardening!

Check my website at http://www.daniharper.com for the latest info.

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