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All About JayneFury

Jayne Fury is a slightly quirky author who enjoys writing space romp serials with a little spicy-spice thrown in. She wants to draw back the curtain but who knows what you'll find back there? Dirty socks and cat hair, most likely. So, let's keep that curtain closed for now and look into the future!

Poor Jayne is desperately hoping for time travel at some point in her lifetime so she can float between the 1920s and the bold future. Until then, she'll continue to dress like she just stepped out of a Marx Brothers movie in the event that she will fall into a natural time vortex. Or maybe someone with a blue box will show up?

One has to be prepared.

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JayneFury's Fun Facts

Jayne lived in Rome, Italy and speaks fluent Italian. She got married once in Belgium to an actual Belgian (they're very rare!)


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