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My name is Tracey Clark. I have MS, so there is a lot of time for me to dream up characters and worlds. I decided to take my random thoughts and embark on my first novel. My first book is completed, Shocking Finds (A Finder's Keepers Novel) has a release date... oct 26, 2015, and the second in the seriers is still in the rough draft stage. Though I created a contemporary romance inbetween the two Finder's Keepers novels, I find that fantasy romance intrigues me more for now.

I am a member of the Pro community, and slowly figuring everything on the RWA site out. I hope to become more involved with other fantasy lovers... I enjoy the romatic and/or emotional pull to a novel. And I don't mind the realistic hardship found in a character background that helps to make them three dimensional.

My world is full of pugs, writing, and art in general... I love oil paints and anything with yarn... hope to connect with y'all soon...

Well, that's me in a nut shell. Tracey

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tclark's Fun Facts

Fun fact: My granny had enough Irish to embody the term ‘fiery’ and my papaw had enough Cherokee to suggest they move their family to a reservation … This did not turn out well for him, not when gran apposed the idea, butttt that is a story for another time. So palest of pale, and red all year round … what did I get from that genetic pool??? Ha. I turned out to be pale skinned, but I don’t burn in the sun the way granny would have. And no matter how much color I seem to gain during the day, I wake the next morning back at square one, whereas my papaw had wonderfully tanned skin even in the midst of the darkest winters. boo… lol… now at 34, I don’t even try. (not to mention that my MS detests being out in the sun)

What I did get from these wonderful people??? A love and a need to create. She could design a quilt, bake up wonders, paint and draw with ease, and surround the home in masterpiece gardens. Okay, my thumb is more black than green, but have enjoyed accomplishing all the rest. Though my favorite lies in oil paints. As for papaw, he loved to sing, filled notebook after notebook with his poetry, and had a tendency to create personalized rhymes for strangers and friends alike (sometimes against their will, while others asked for the right). My entire life, he called me his songbird. And would asked me (shy little me) to preform. Poetry is fun, and something that my mother taught me how to do early on, but I truly believe that a piece of my soul would die without my voice to sing the melodies in my heart. (just please let me do it at home and not in front of strangers :P)

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