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I live in the piedmont region of Virginia with my husband. I'm an empty nester. I have two adult daughters and one grandbaby.

I have had a love for books since my mother read to me as a child. I could read before I went to kindergarten. That love only grew in college where I learned to understand how a book works, how authors take characters, goals and motivations and plotting and make these incredible things that I had always taken for granted before. It still amazes me whenever I read a really good book. I thank God for writers. They have made my life so much richer.

I'm new to writing romance, and although I wrote in college, I haven't done much with my writing since then. I started reading romance novels a few years ago when I broke my hand in a riding accident and it was love at first HEA for me. Who doesn't love a happily ever after every time?

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