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Hi all, a little about me, I was born in a small town in Nebraska spent all the way till 2nd grade living in multiple small towns in Nebraska, with the exception of brief time when I was little in Tallahassee and Colorado springs. In 2nd grade I moved to what Nebraskans call the big city Omaha, but to the rest of the world medium size city. I am married to my husband of 17 years, we raised 5 kids together. Well they are not kids anymore they are all grown, youngest is 19 and oldest is 25. I have one grandchild, which I adore and completely and unashamed spoil at every opportunity. Which to her parents I say that is my right as Nana.
I taught for 8 years, in both private non-profit setting and public school. I left teaching and now work in the business sector where when I go home for the day nothing comes with me.
I started reading romance novels when I was in 4th grade, I snuck my moms books. She didn't mind, she was happy i was reading. At that time I was behind in grade levels in reading. I went from being way behind in 4th grade to by 6th grade testing I was at the High school level and it kept going up from there.
I started to write stories in High school, had a break in writing for a couple of decades while going to college and raising kids. Now that the kids are grown and out of the house I now have my own office space to write.
I am now starting this journey anew, and let me say sometimes I feel like I am learning the hard way on getting finished with one novel. My husband is a great cheerleader, in fact he will actually say "hey couldn't you be writing" when he sees me reading my kindle. My goal is to have a novel finished ready to self - publish or submit to publishers by my 40th birthday which is only 7 months away.

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