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My Year of Ignorant Bliss or How I Resisted the Best Advice I Ever Received

By Jessie Clever The best of advice I ever received I didn’t like. Nor did I want to take it. But it came from such a well-respected source I knew I would feel guilty if I didn’t listen to it. So I absorbed it, put it away to ponder, and let it fester. For over […]

Rebekah Ganiere – a One Woman Show

Imagine you hear about a new movie. You think, wow! I like superhero movies and the premise sounds really cool! I want to see that. So you rush right out to the theater. You happen to see a movie poster just as you are about to buy a ticket at the box office. You stop […]

Bump in the Night by Jacqui Jacoby

I never set out to be a thriller writer. I always thought I leaned toward action/adventure, with a twist of romance. I don ‘t mind it all that is where I ended up. The stories are harder to write than mere action, but it was challenge I was able to face. Romance means a character […]

An Interview with Editor Callie Lynn Wolfe

Please welcome Editor Callie Lynn Wolfe, from The Wild Rose Press, to our blog. She is here to give our readers a new perspective from the other side. Callie, please tell our readers a little bit about you, such as why did you become an editor? Callie Lynn– Hello, everyone.  Well…I became an editor because […]

The Holy Wells and Springs

by Brenda B. Taylor Wells and springs are found all over Britain, Scotland, Ireland and France where ancient Celtic gods and/or goddesses were honored. After the coming of Christianity, wells were made part of Christian observances through the blessings of a Saint. In Ireland and Scotland, people still visit wells or springs and sip water between […]

Writing to Market in a No Fail Genre!

So many times we hear, “I write to market” or the opposing view “Write your heart”. But what if you could do both? There is a market that never goes out of favor. It has people buying all year long, year after year after year and they buy it by the millions. If you could […]

Not Your Mama’s Medicine!

by Wynter Daniels and Joanie White  For today’s smart, savvy readers, medical romances require more than just the backdrop of medical professionals. Many have both hero and heroine in the field and they want a substantial amount of medical information in the books. It’s important to remember that these stories are romances in a medical […]

Top 10 Reasons to take the Anthropology, Archaeology & Romance Writer Workshop

by Darlene Reilley Hi! I’m really excited to be here! Thank you for being so warm and welcoming. I’d love to share with you my love of anthropology and the top 10 reasons to take this workshop. This fun, inclusive workshop will merge my two loves: writing and anthropology! If you’re a writer who wants […]

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