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You’ve reached the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal (FF&P) Special Interest Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. The mission of FF&P SIC is to promote excellence in romantic, futuristic, fantasy, time travel and paranormal fiction, to help writers become published in the genre, and to provide current information and continuing support to the writers in the romantic, futuristic, fantasy, time travel and paranormal industry.

To both the published and aspiring author in our field, the FF&P is an invaluable group. We have a great newsletter filled with informative articles and market updates, a regularly updated blog, and a website to keep you posted on the latest news in the industry including: author links, new book releases, and FF&P contest info. As serious writers in our field, we have a critiquing group, and an on-line members-only forum. The members of this RWA chapter are a great group of people always there to support their fellow writers.

For information on how to join, please visit our membership page. To read more about the Romance Writers of America and our organization’s mission, click here.

From the FF&P Blog

My Year of Ignorant Bliss or How I Resisted the Best Advice I Ever Received

Posted by at Jun 29, 2017 1:30 am in , ,

By Jessie Clever The best of advice I ever received I didn’t like. Nor did I want to take it. But it came from such a well-respected source I knew I would feel guilty if I didn’t listen to it. So I absorbed it, put it away to ponder, and let it fester. For over […]

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The Latest News

On the Far Side (Unpublished)

Futuristic, Fantasy, & Paranormal RWA Chapter presents: The 2017 On the Far Side Contest   Write fantasy, futuristic, or paranormal? Then the On the Far Side Contest is for you!! Welcome dragons, witches, ghosties, psychics, vampires, shape shifters, unicorns, and any creature your imagination can conjure up in a galaxy far, far away, in a […]

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2016 On The Far Side Winners

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 On The Far Side contest Congratulations to all of the finalists and the winners! Romantic Elements 1. Book of Secrets Claudia Blood 2. The Harbinger Emily Meredith 3. Lost in Transmigration Tessa McFionn Hard Sci-Fi/SciFi/Futuristic 1. Of Two Minds Emily Clark 2. My Hand Has Written […]

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2016 Prism Award Winners

FF&P congratulates the winners of the 2016 PRISM Awards for Published Paranormal Romance!       BEST OF THE BEST (tie) Forbidden by Katrina Snow Tempest by Sherry Jesberger   BEST FIRST BOOK Forbidden by Katrina Snow   DARK PARANORMAL Prism Award Winner (tie):  Harvest Moon by Lisa Kessler Prism Award Winner (tie):  Releasing the […]

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2016 On The Far Side Finalists

FF&P is pleased to announce the finalists in the 2016 On The Far Side contest! Romantic Elements • The Harbinger -Emily Meredith • Lost in Transmigration -Tessa McFionn • Book of Secrets -Claudia Blood Hard Sci-Fi/SciFi/Futuristic • Of Two Minds -Emily Clark • My Hand Has Written Truth -Sandra J. Marten • Star Gazers -Diana […]

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2016 Gathering at The RWA National Convention

Welcome to Hotel California! Dress up as your favorite Hollywood Movie Monster for a chance to win prizes! July 14, 2016 Marriott Pacific Grand Ballroom Salon 14 8pm – Midnight The PRISM Awards ceremony will be at 7pm. The Gathering and FF&P Annual General Meeting will begin at 8pm. Your ticket purchase will permit you […]

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