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Best Advice Ever by Shannon Donnelly

Posted by sdonnelly at Jun 23, 2016 1:30 am in , , , ,

  Advice is one of those things that we all really need at times, but it’s not always welcome…or fun to get. It’s like that saying—the truth will set you free (but first it’s going to piss you off). That’s what good advice does. It hits home and stays like an arrow in your heart. […]


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Field Trips—the Best Kind of Research

Posted by Guest at Feb 8, 2016 1:00 am in , , , ,

by Chris Marie Green We spend a lot of time “traveling” via our chairs and, to do research, we don’t even have to hop in the car and putter down to the library anymore! We are armchair research warriors who can look up anything with a keyboard click. It’s so very easy to stick to […]


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How to Keep Your Writing Resolutions & Goals by Augustina Van Hoven

Posted by avanhoven at Jan 15, 2016 7:57 pm in , , , , ,

It’s a new year and many of us are setting down our writing goals and resolutions. Everyone is thinking about finishing an old manuscript, beginning a new series or simply setting down the number of books and novellas we want to write this year. However, unless we also lay out a plan to achieve these […]


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Perks of Being a Villain by Maureen L. Bonatch

Posted by mbonatch at Oct 15, 2015 1:17 am in , , ,

A bad hair day is every day Hop out of bed, and out the door because that’s just the way villains roll. Wild and unruly locks accompany the villain job description.  If the good guy has that long tendril of hair obscuring one of his eyes, the heroine is suspicious of him until he proves […]


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More Conflict by Shannon Donnelly

Posted by sdonnelly at Jul 29, 2015 9:31 pm in , , , ,

Conflict—you can’t get too little of this in real life, and you can never have enough in fiction. A reader pays to see a character be put through the ringer—and that means you want to pile on the conflict. But there’s a danger to avoid. You want great conflict, not small arguments or even worse, […]

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My Name is Alexa and I Write WHAT?

Posted by Guest at Dec 18, 2014 1:18 am in , , ,

by Alexa Bourne I’ve never been a traditional paranormal, futuristic or fantasy reader. Occasionally I’d dabble in time-travel stories and my 1st favorite TV shows had characters with special abilities, but that was about it. When I started writing, I focused mostly on suspense along with a few contemporary romances. When people asked my answer […]

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Make Your Characters Talk to You Again

Posted by Guest at Jul 7, 2014 1:39 am in , , , , ,

  Ever have one of those days? As writers, you know the kind. The ones where the “gel” of the story just won’t come together and our characters won’t “stand out” on the page? We all have, trust me, and I wanted to share a tip (a writing exercise, if you will) that helps your […]


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It’s the Characters… by Shannon Donnelly

Posted by Guest at Jun 26, 2014 1:03 am in , , ,

The alpha hero who suddenly goes all mushy…the heroine who’s supposed to be kick-ass but she keeps needing to be saved by that alpha hero…the bad guy who seems to want the heroine just because and who knows why he’s really all that bad… What do all these characters have in common? The poor characters […]


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The Transformation Twister

Posted by Guest at May 1, 2014 1:47 am in , , , ,

If you’re an author in search of that elusive publishing contract, perhaps you’re hoping to self-publish a story to rave reviews or maybe you’re researching ways to hone your craft, one of the most important skills to master in your trek to publication is character development. And a great way to guarantee your characters read […]


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5 Things I want from a Science Fiction Romance

Posted by Guest at Mar 27, 2014 11:06 pm in , , , ,

 1. Setting. “All the world’s a stage…” according to Shakespeare, and in your story the world is the stage for your characters. Be it Earth, an alien planet, a space station etc. it might seem merely background, but your setting will colour everything in it. A space station? There’s the problem of generating or maintaining gravity and atmosphere (or sudden loss […]


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