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Writing Tight Editing for Impact by Diana Cosby

Posted by Guest at Aug 14, 2014 1:30 am in , , , ,

Editing is the writer’s opportunity to tighten their work to ensure each word works, each sentence counts, and each chapter supports their story and propels it forward. As with anything you do in life, your perspective makes it dull or fun.  Allow the excitement that inspired you as you wrote the rough draft to fuel […]


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I’m Thankful for FF&P–My Last Day as Co-Blog Mistress by Rebecca Zanetti

Posted by Guest at Nov 28, 2013 10:00 am in , , , , , ,

Hi all!  Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the USA, and Happy end of November to members living elsewhere.  I hope this week finds you happy, healthy, and surrounded by friends and family.  (And I hope those voices in your head keep talking & giving you ideas for stories!) This is my last blog […]


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Rulz by Taryn Kincaid

Posted by Guest at Feb 28, 2013 6:16 am in , , , , , , ,

You know the clichés: Rules are made to be broken. Or, The exception proves the rule. Well, yeah. They’re clichés. They’re truisms because there’s truth in them. When we start out as fiction writers, we tend to adhere slavishly to the rules (particularly if we are judging contests or budding members of a critique group) […]

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Naked in the Mud Puddle: on the Vulnerability of Critique by Amber Belldene

Posted by Amber Belldene at Jan 24, 2013 10:00 am in , , , , , , , ,

I confess that I’ve never taken a mud bath.  The closest I’ve ever come was being buried under some very hot enzymatic saw dust.  The cedar flakes went everywhere, and I can only imagine mud gets even more up-close and personal when you bathe in it.  Maybe that’s okay. I like mud.  It’s rich, it’s […]


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Writing Workshops: An Important Tool for a Delusional Breed of Winners by Melissa Arroyo

Posted by Guest at Jul 26, 2012 11:00 am in , , , , ,

Every writer is perfect when we write our first story. At least we think we are. We strut like Jagger and move like Elvis when it comes to presenting our masterpiece. Our delusion is such, we can’t see right from wrong. But then after one month, more or less, of sending out queries and entering […]

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Finding Your Audience by Suzanne Rock

Posted by Guest at Jul 24, 2012 11:00 am in , , , , , ,

Marketing your book can be an overwhelming task. There are so many options out there, some that cost money, others that cost time, and many that cost both. How do you know which one to choose? Well, before you do any book marketing campaign, you need to establish clear goals. What is it that you […]

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Skinwalking: Worldbuilding Beyond The World by Renee Wildes

Posted by Guest at Jul 17, 2012 11:00 am in , , , , ,

              Independence Day got me thinking about my approach to worldbuilding. July 4th is uniquely American – I guarantee they aren’t closing federal institutions elsewhere in the world on this day! We celebrate with parades, fairs, picnics, fireworks. We watch The Founding Fathers and The Patriot and Independence Day. I write fantasy romance. Worldbuilding is […]


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Intro to MyRWA-Part Two-by Elizabeth Schechter

Posted by Guest at Jul 12, 2012 11:00 am in , , , , , , ,

Okay, if you followed alone with Part One of Intro to MyRWA, you are now signed up for MyRWA, and subscribed to all the chapter mailing lists (remember, they’re not forums!) This week, we’ll be exploring what else you can do on the MyRWA site. Once you sign in to MyRWA, you will need to […]

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Interview: Heather Osborn, TOR

Posted by Guest at Jul 3, 2009 2:44 pm in , , , , , ,

Today we are welcoming Heather Osborn, editor for TOR. To submit to TOR follow their submission guidelines. Also we will be welcoming Heather to a special Q&A session with FF&P members on Tuesday, July 7, 2009. You will need to be a member of FF&P to view this session and participate. We’d like to thank […]


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Posted by Guest at Oct 9, 2008 9:36 pm in

Light Paranormal1. Dead Girls are Easy by Terri Garey2. More Than Fiends by Maureen Child3. Highland Guardian by Melissa Mayhue Time Travel1. Wired by Liz Maverick2. Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband by Melissa Mayhue3. Forgiveness by JL Wilson. Erotica1. Mona Lisa Blossoming by Sunny2. Pleasures of the Night by Sylvia Day3. Double Dating with […]


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